Priming HS and rudder parts

March was a disappointing month what construction is concerned :-( It was mainly due to our work schedules / Alex being away for a military radar course during 3 weeks. But nonetheless we got some stuff done. After many hours! of scotch-briteing the arms hurt and all pieces are ready to prime...

The aluminum wears down the scotch-brite very fast... Also, it produces lots of heavy dust which has to be cleaned off again...

All surfaces look dull, which is a good sign that the surface is roughened enough and the aluminum-oxide layer removed.

Before scotch-briteing we clean all parts with white gas and after the prepping all remains are cleaned off with acetone.

The same process goes for the skins, spars and ribs of course.

Alex mixing up the primer... It's the yellowish/greenish stuff in the plastic cup right beside the kleenex box.

It doesn't take much to prime all parts...

All parts are now primed with the SIKKENS Washprimer CR self etching primer.

Since the primer is not sealing, we paint the most critical/exposed parts with regular car color (SIKKENS Autocryl Plus)

At the same time it looks nice and we might decide to keep that color for all "internal" parts.

Since we don't expect to mount the lightest engine / prop combo (in any case) up front, we don't need to worry too much about CG (center of gravity) yet. Based on the amount of raw paint/primer we use on the whole tailkit, we won't add more than 1-2lbs of weight to the tail.

On a completely different subject, it was time to change to summer tyres on the car... What better place than our warm "hangar" ;-)


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