Ailerons rigged to Control Stick

Also, since the wings are on, the aileron pushrod length can be adjusted and the aileron trim system completed.
Bernie's brother Adrian came for a visit and got involved...

The seat ribs as they came with the quickbuild fuselage severely limited forward movement of the control sticks. Although we don't yet know exactly how far forward they should be moving, the only limit must be the elevator down stops. By looking at pictures of flying RV's we were able to tell that it needed more travel, too. That meant grinding the ribs with the sticks in place.

Then we completed the aileron trim system.

It's a simple spring bias trim. Seems to work anyway.

The wing root fairings drilled to the wings.

At the time of final installation, we'll have to secure the rubber channel somehow. It appears that it could slip out of the tight gap despite its profile and cause difficulties.

Even though nylon locknuts are considered completely trustworthy, we decided to additionally use threadlocker on some critical rotating bolts in the control system.


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