16.02.2008Canopy Frame weatherstripping
13.02.2008Canopy Frame continued
30.01.2008Canopy Frame
24.12.2007Rudder Pedals again revisited
12.12.2007Canopy Latch
08.11.2007Interior Paint
08.10.2007Canopy hinge blocks
27.09.2007Front Deck
03.09.2007Wingtips almost done
21.08.2007Reworking Fuel Pump Package
10.08.2007Empennage Fairings
06.08.2007Mounting the rollbar
20.06.2007Mounting the Vertical Stabilizer / Air Vents
31.01.2007Mounting the Vertical Stabilizer
06.12.2006Mounting the Horizontal Stabilizer
01.12.2006Fuel Pump Package support
28.11.2006Ailerons rigged to Control Stick
27.11.2006Reassembled Rudder Pedals
22.11.2006Flap pushrods
10.11.2006Wing attach work
19.10.2006Just married: wings attached!
17.10.2006Center fuse fuel lines
16.10.2006Wrapping up fuel tanks 2
14.10.2006Wrapping up fuel tanks
24.09.2006AFP Fuel pump assembly
04.09.2006Fuselage top skin
30.07.2006Fuselage rollover bar
20.07.2006Vent screens / Crotch strap brackets
08.07.2006First Interior Painting Experiences

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