30.09.2005QB Wings
13.09.2005QB Kit Delivery!
27.08.2005Empennage tip fairings continued / Wing cradle
20.07.2005Empennage tip fairings
02.07.2005Adjusting control surface eye-bolts / Starting tip fairings.
17.06.2005Leading edge rolling / Motivation ;-)
14.06.2005Elevators / Trim Tab
06.06.2005Riveting the elevators
31.05.2005Riveting the rudder trailing edge
23.05.2005Riveting the rudder / Sealed rudder trailing edge
21.05.2005Riveting the rudder
17.05.2005Finished HS and VS
14.05.2005Trim servo mount
13.05.2005Elevators deburred
10.05.2005Elevators built up
07.05.2005Trimming the E-714 right elevator counterweight
06.05.2005Riveting trim reinforcement plate
29.04.2005Riveting elevator stiffeners
27.04.2005Elevator understructure
25.04.2005Empennage kit closing inspection
20.04.2005Elevator stiffeners
17.04.2005HS ready for inspection / Emp storage cart
13.04.2005Riveting HS and rudder
12.04.2005Riveting HS and rudder understructure
05.04.2005Priming HS and rudder parts
21.03.2005Dimpling the top rudder rib R-903
10.03.2005Dimpling the rudder and HS parts
24.02.2005Prepping the rudder
22.02.2005Rudder buildup
14.02.2005Riveting rudder stiffeners

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