Trutrak disconnect soundbox project

The Trutrak Digiflight II series autopilot doesn't feature an aural disconnect warning...

But we feel that it is a must to have an aural alert when the computer stops flying...
At the same time, that's not worth the stepup $$$ to a sorcerer or other autopilot with lots of added but unused native features (who would want more with the EFIS lateral and vertical modes ;-) to just get a beep.

So the plan is, with a bit of modifications done to an mp3-player, to play an actual Airbus (or any other airplane of your liking) autopilot disconnect sound when it disconnects through the intercom.

The system will be based on the design of the yampp-7 from
It's very small, light, well documented, firmware is opensource c++and stock cf-media can be used as storage. So it will be easy to hack into with our own routines.
We already talked to Trutrak and they hinted how to best detect the disconnect condition.

Of course this system would be capable of playing many more sounds. It only depends on software and interface... If the EFIS would deliver error codes, this could be a great addition, we will talk to GRT about that. Currently we are in the design and prototype phase, but we could imagine that there is a market out there ;-) For inquiries please contact us!

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