Building up the HS

Time to clean up the worktable once in a while ;-)

The HS skins are prepared for assembly.

The pictures don't show it, but we spent several hours edge prepping and deburring the skins, spars and ribs.

Also marked parts and decided which will come left and which will be right.

We made a couple of makeshift worktables out of cheap sawhorses and styrofoam. They're not very strong, but easily hold up the weight of a "light" airplane part... This added space allowed us to work on both sides simultaneously as opposed to the plans which would have you do the first, then the second half.

The HS actually takes a little more effort to build up than the VS, mostly because there are some ribs that have yet to be aligned and drilled.

The Van's plans really are excellent, we have not had any trouble figuring out which parts go where or which rivets should be used in a particular location.

Done for the day. Both sides are completely built up. The remaining holes will have to be match drilled yet, then disassembled, deburred, dimpled, primed etc... A couple of steps yet before we can start riveting again...

Don't clecoes somehow look cool?! We're freaks, we know *g*

Also, the clecoes are very nice supports for a part lying on the bench. No worry about scratches or uneven surfaces.


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