Rudder buildup.

In the meantime the rudder skeleton had been built up. It's already clecoed to the first skin. Also note the special R-916 "wedge" which will form the rudder trailing edge with double flush rivets...

The counterbalance skin.

The rudder, right before the second skin is attached to it.

Before we started to match drill all holes, we just had to take pictures of the built up rudder... That's how it will end up looking like. Too bad everything has to be taken apart again, every hole revisited twice by deburring, sanding the whole surface, final edge prepping all edges and many other things before we can finally rivet it together.

Even though there is neither sealer nor rivets involved yet, the trailing edge already appears to be very straight :-)

The front side of the rudder. The overlapping skin will be bent on each side and then pop-riveted, which will form the rudder leading edge.

To relieve the rudder from as much stress as possible, we ended up with a cleco in every hole.

Lookin' kinda neat...


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