Elevator stiffeners

We edge prepped all elevator parts, which wes again pretty boring stuff so we didn't take any pictures...

The actual elevator buildup starts with cutting stiffeners out of stock aluminum angle. Very much like the rudder was built up. The stiffeners will be back-riveted to the skins before further assembly.

Other elevator parts laid out on the table...

Alex did edge prepping on some pretty tiny parts using the scotch-brite wheels on the bench grinder.

While Bernie measured and cut the stiffeners... Quite a few of them ;-)

Positioning the stiffeners on their designated place.

The left elevator is somewhat more complicated, since it will hold the trim trab which will be electrically actuated.

Then drilling the stiffeners to the skins.

After the stiffeners habe been edge prepped and drilled to the skins the freshly drilled holes have to be deburred on each side. For that we use the handy BOSCH IXO screwdriver with a special deburring cutter (which was part of the Avery Toolkit).

Another visitor to our shop, Pascal had a quick look at our progress.


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