Riveting elevator stiffeners

Today, Simon came out to help on our elevators...

Having 2 persons for riveting the stiffeners definitely makes it easier and puts out excellent results. Simon got the hang pretty quick and so the rivets set in no time :-)

Watch that mouth, it could hurt ;-)

On this picture, you can nicely see our backrivet setup. Of course the Avery 2x rivet gun with the backrivet set mounted. One side of the white part is grinded off in order to get into tighter places. Then we have 2 large blocks of styrofoam sitting on the table, with the backriveting plate leveled in the center. The plate is temporarily duct-taped to the styrofoam to avoid scars in the skin. The tape on the skin is special "rivet tape", only the red part is sticky. Thsi tape keeps a whole line of rivets from falling out of the hole before they are set.

A complete line of rivets taped to the skin. Note that the last 2 (in the trailing bend/edge) are missing, as we decided (due to lack of space / clumsy access with the rivet gun) to buck these rivets later on.

Then the stiffener is put onto the rivets... It should match/fit otherwise there must have been a mixup during the primer session. Quite easy with the 30something stiffeners.


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