Trim servo mount

Dimpled both elevators today, took quite some time... Again used the vise-grip dimpler a lot.

One problem area were the rivet lines along the main spar on the skin. Since by the time the skins are matchdrilled, the trailing edge must have been bent, one cannot conveniently use the c-frame. Also, even though the longeron yoke on the squeezer can reach quite far, this is not far enough around the leading edge to complete the whole line.

A couple of 2x4's did the trick. Drilled them to hold the dimple dies evenly, and by carefully applying pressure the remaining holes were dimpled. Not the most elegant solution but it works. Also the dimple dies must not be put under some kind of shear or asymmetric load as they might take damage...

Another small piece. Measured and drilled the elevator trim servo brackets to the access plate. The aim is to have the black control horn aligned with the cutout and the whole assembly fit to / within the left elevator skin. The holes for the single rearmost rivet on each bracket were double countersunk, as there might be interference between the servo case and the shop heads.


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