Empennage tip fairings continued / Wing cradle

As we eagerly await further kit delivery on Sept 13th, we are busy preparing the shop for the next step of construction. As the QB Wings will arrive in a large wooden crate, one has to be able to store and handle them when uncrating. Van's suggests a design of a wing cradle in the preview plans set, on which our cradle is based. Some slight mods only.

Of course, it's all a matter of unit conversion again... Also there is no such thing as "2 by 4's" over here... The standard wood size is rather something like 24mm x 48mm (1" x 1.8"). Definitely too weak for the wings. So we opted for 50mm x 50mm struts, the main beam is 80mm x 60mm and the sidewalls are made of 22mm thick particle wood.

The front side will have the wing spar root lying on top, while the far side is cutout to take the wing profile. Of course there will be carpet/styrofoam protecting the wing, this protection will be added once the wings are here.

On the bottom we attached some castors, as we did with the empennage carts, so it's easy to move about the shop.

We also used Torx type screwheads, which again proved out to be a very good choice for our cordless drill.

Add another completed cart to our inventory.

Then it was back to the last 2 fairings. The HS tips. For them to be fitted nicely, the elevators have to be attached to the HS temporarily. Also note, the elevator tips, although installed, are not yet completely fillered and finished.

The fairings are a bit oversize, so they have to be cut first.

The holes are not yet prepunched, so they have to be marked and then the HS skin drilled to the fairing.

Before installing the fairing, small aluminum strips are glued to the inside of the holes, which will give the pop-rivets something to hold onto. Also, there will be a balsa rib forming the backside.

Alex' girlfriend was busy designing and producing stickers for our cars.

She did an excellent job :-) Thanks a lot.

Not hard to figure out what our passion is *g*


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