Wrapping up fuel tanks

We both have one week of vacation, and we intend to be in the workshop daily :-)
Before the "wedding" can take place, we have to wrap up some work on the wing fuel system.
For this, we have to take the wings out of the cart.

Four sawhorses in pairs secured with duct tape make a good wing support.

As we have plenty of space available, placing left and right wings just besides each other allowed us to do each step in parallel.

We opted for the float type fuel senders from Van's. Mainly because they are cheap as well as work with any type of fluid. The solid state capacitive type senders need to be calibrated for each type of fuel, let alone work for blends... And we expect major changes to the fuels used during the life of our aircraft.

As pretty much everything, the senders come in the form of a small kit *G*
Installation mainly consists of bending the plunger rod to fit the tank in question. We also had to figure a way to install the fuel return line, as this is not specified per plans. Of course the float sender must not interfere with the return line.

We almost killed a snip trying to cut the rod.

So Mr. Dremel let the sparks fly ;-)

The assembled float sender ready for installation.

Also torqued the fuel drain valve, sealing the threads with EZ-Turn


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