Wingtips almost done.

The cheap spray paint we used for the chrome look, is very susceptible to fingerprints etc... So after installation of the lights, it was required to spray a coat yet again.

And when removing the masking, extra care needs to be taken. Once it is covered by the lens, this soft paint coat shouldn't matter.

Also starting to manufacture some brackets, angles and parts for the last stretch on the fuselage, the front tipup deck.

Cutout for the canopy release mechanism, which we will install only configured for maintenance operation.

Wingtip with the lens put on and the masking removed.

They look nicer in reality than on these pictures. It's hard to capture gloss and reflections nicely on the automatic digicam. The lenses do have some scratches, so these will protect the wingtip for now and be eventually replaced ahead of flying.

Power up.

Then the anxiousness was wheter they fit nicely on the wings. You do a lot of pilot drilling in the relatively soft fiberglass, so i was worried that there would be nutplates out of position etc... But everything matched up very very well. The only thing really annoying are the phillips screw heads. We'll have to find Torx-#6 and #8 screws for better handling. Right now the risk of slipping and scratching e.g. a brand new paintjob is just way too big. The tip flexes under pressure from the screwdriver. Yet without pressure the screw won't turn. Catch22 with the current heads.

The only slight misfit was towards the trailing edge of the wing.

Decided to add another screw/nutplate in between to pull the skin tight. Also the aileron tolerance is perfect as well as the trailing edges matching up.

As mentioned, the wingtips "cured" themselves over the last year while sitting on their open face. The wingtip trailing edge droops only a tiny little bit compared to the aileron.

And a closeup. Didn't have the time to attach the right side yet. But i expect it to fit just as nicely. Decided to install all screws just for fitment check and nutplate break-in purposes. But it took me about 40minutes just for the screwing. I'm sure with torx (which will also allow the accu drill to be used) this will be a piece of cake.


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