Floor Covers / Landing Gear

Made a fuel pump package cover. .032" 2024-T3 sheet with 2 large radius freestyle bends, held by two piano hinges to the fuel pump assembly.

The fuel selector control rod is protected by a plastic bushing. Also, two lids connect the pump cover to the existing spar covers.

The cover yet a bit too long and with an open gap on the top center.

Trimmed the cover shorter and made a cover for the top center out of 3 pieces of sheet.

Since we decided to mount the rudders way forward, the default cabin heat shroud would not fit without interference.

By modifying and bending the shroud, there is enough clearance for the rudder pedal weldments. However, it required two custom end-ribs due to the weird shape. Looks like the mask of darth vader now ;-)

And finished the foward cabin floor cover to fit in between.

The routing for the fuel lines as well as the mount for the exhaust are not finalized yet, so there might be some changes to the floor cover yet.

Only edge finishing, deburring, dimpling and riveting remaining. Custom stuff like this takes a looong time to figure out, fit and trim. Looks very simple when done.

Adrian, Bernie's brother, came on visit and we put in a nice building session :-)
Preparing some pro-seal to rivet the firewall recess, now that most of the interior stuff is done.

After that, we (at least temporarily, if not for good) mounted the engine mount in place and lifted the whole fuse onto a stack of pallets using Michi Wellenzohn's engine hoist.

Then we installed the already prepared gear legs, which was a piece of cake. Also set the nosewheel breakout force and installed the cotter pin.

Amazing how it starts to look like a real airplane ;-)

Without engine yet it needs some support in the front however.


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