Engine Hanging

Got another delivery truck showing up :-)

This time it was the prop. Huge leadtime, almost like the engine. Hartzell 72" Blended Airfoil constant speed.

Investigating deeper into the control cable installation. What a pain that ECI doesn't supply a control cable bracket with the fuel pump. Make your own is the idea. Yet, the best / closest mounting points/bolts cannot be used as otherwise the fuel pump would have to be sent back to the factory for sealing. Really kind of disappointed about the small things lacking. Definitely far from Plug&Play.

Closeup of the data plate on the prop governor.

There are a few supporting brackets that come along however, yet no documentation. This one is to support the Van's Filtered Airbox to the engine.

And some more small parts, the "sniffle valve" being most notable. This valve protects the engine from hydraulic lock should the air inlet plenum become filled with either water or fuel / flooded engine.

Will probably install the Lycoming valve as in Van's drawings or will have to modify this one to fit into a tube. Letting fuel openly drain into the cowl as suggested (and apparently working without problems) seems a bit dangerous to me so close to the hot exhaust. The last thing we want is a fire under the cowl.

And the horizontal bracket is to mount the fuel line from the pump to the throttle body to the engine crankcase.

The next best available bolts for a mixture bracket are either where the fuel pump mounts to the accessory case (grey/gold line) or combine it with the governor bracket.

The throttle lever will be rotated about 180° so it points downwards. Also, the fuel flow meter will be mounted to the oil sump.

Removing the Oil Filter to allow for the installation of the oil cooler fitting and to clear the engine mount while hanging the engine.

Also, the oil pressure restrictor fitting (VA-128) is installed to the oil pressure port as it's supposed to be tricky to mount after the engine is in place.

Precious cargo hanging on the cherrypicker, getting ready to loosen the temporary mounting bolts.
For installation tips, we highly recommend the Illustrated Guide to Engine Hanging.

Pat has become a great and regular building buddy :-) Hanging the engine is definitely another one of these two-person jobs.

And thanks to Michi Wellenzohn for lending the cherry picker.

Looking thoroughly at the bottom for the first time. This area was always too close to the pallet to be inspected. Looked at mounting holes for the throttle cable brackets.

We forgot to take pictures until the job was complete.

The spacing to the firewall is actually better than expected, the firewall recess not actually needed.

Due to the cabin heat valve, acess for the control cables from the bottom will be close to impossible. So brackets will have to be either pointed up or sideways.

The only pain was tightening the top left bolt. The clearance to the valve pushrod tube is too narrow to fit a boxed end wrench, while the open wrench is too beefy to fit between the nut and the engine case.


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