Moving to the paintshop

Getting ready for the move to the paintshop. Completed many smaller things like finishing the canopy on the inside and installing the fuel pump package.

The tail cannot be mounted yet, not enough space to move out of our workshop if it would be on the aircraft.

Basil, a fellow controller from work came out to help us with the move. Because it was rainy/drizzly all day, we had to pack up the whole fuselage in plastic.

Again, as with the wings, we were able to borrow the moving "hardware" from the friendly paintshop people.

Grey and rainy.

The trailer has a dampened tip down functionality which worked real well.

A challenge was the slight angle of the gate and the centerline nosegear while the trailer only has 2 ramps.

Can't yet believe that the fuselage is leaving the workshop for good... We plan on moving to the airport directly after painting is complete.

All doors were about 2.5m, while the wheel track of the RV-7A is approximately 2.3m, leaving not much room to play.

After some wiggling , the plane is on the trailer.

Proud builders.

Checking the options of how to secure/tie it to the trailer.

Hooking up the tow SUV.

All strapped down.

A total of 6 straps were used. One on the tail tie down ring, two on each step and main gear and one for the front gear fork.

Glad that we wrapped everything neatly in plastic.

Jumping over the fence, and we would be on the airport ;-)

Precious cargo.

Doesn't look that spectacular among all the cars, trucks etc... Rather tiny, actually.


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