Engineering a crane mount for the hangar

As you might have read and seen by now, we got one of the very sparse hangar spots around here. It is however on a crane that can be lowered and moved. The previous aircraft had a mount that could not be reused for the RV-7A. So we had to come up with our own. Marcus, Bernie's dad has been engineering and working on the mount for many hours now :-) The final result will get tested really soon.

Testing with a model wheter basic stability is acceptable. Because there are only 2 hinge points in centerline, some care with asymmetrical fuel etc... will have to be given.

Unloading/loading the aircraft will involve disconnecting a few hooks.

Point load testing of the first prototype.

We expect the empty weight to be around 1100lbs (500kg) plus fuel in the tanks. This load test simulated a load of around 500 kg at a single point/wheel. So we have a factor of 2 safety margin.

a very rough CAD model of the RV was used to come up with the design. Looking forward to see the end result in a few months.

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