Shop preparation. 1st sample rivets!

Some more shop preparation work. Alex' girlfriend got us those nice sheets to make our corner in the warehouse a little more private.

Built a dimpling table to be used with the Avery C-frame dimpler.

And our aim, to have the first rivets set before the end of the year didn't make it to the "real" empennage kit but nonetheless we set 3 sample rivets into scrap pieces ;-)

The same "assembly" from the other side with flush set rivets.

Built a handy plans mount so we can always have the relevant plans visible.

The end result ;-)

To make our selfmade workbench more stable, we installed some metal stiffeners from IKEA...

Alex building a frame for a makeshift primer booth. To keep the toxic fumes on the outside / in the priming room.

Primer booth being assembled.



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