Trimming the E-714 right elevator counterweight

Another single-person task is to trim the E-714 right elevator counterweight.

Both elevators receive a lead counterweight which will reduce stick forces and prevent aerodynamic flutter. If there weren't a huge advantage, no reasonable aircraft designer would mount "dead" weight on his airplane :-) The left elevator, which holds the trim system, needs a heavier counterweight than the right elevator. As you get 2 equal sized weights from Van's, one has to be cut to approximate size as per plans.

Both of them will still be heavy. It is only after painting the plane, that the surfaces will be balanced by drilling holes out of the lead weights.
Used the drill press on slow speed to drill material away. Make sure you use enough boelube or the drillbit might get stuck...

After the rough drilling, grinded the block down to the marks with the file.


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