Elevators built up

Initial tests for the positioning of the trim servo bracket. Decided to wait with construction until the structure is built up and the trim tab bent.

That's how the elevator skins look ready to be folded... Stiffeners installed.

After initial experiences bending the training project, we found that 4 hinges for the bending brake are just not enough. So we replaced them with a piano hinge that covers the whole edge.
Positioning the skin is essential for good results. Also the skin must stay where it is positioned, therefore taped it to the bending brake board. Note that the trailing edge is put a bit more than 1 inch from the folding edge outboard. The bend itself takes quite some force. E.g. with the right side elevator skin, i had to actually step onto the boards... Also, if the trailing edges turns out a bit wide, you can always handwork it with some flat plier.

Both elevators built up.

And drilled to size during the same session....

Too bad one has to take everything apart again :-(


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