Leading edge rolling / Motivation ;-)

The edge forming tool works ok, but not as good as it should... So we had to bend a little bit more with the hand seamer and a block of wood.

The rudder completed as well :-)

Finished the cart with some additional holes which will eventually take the control rods. Also added some carpet as well as rounded the bottom for the shape of the rudder.

The second cart was also completed. The material had been laying around for a while, but we decided to wait until the elevators were done.

Lots of airplane parts.

Our plane will be more than 680! times lighter than this model *G*

Now it was time to fit the trim tab servo and related pushrod.

The cutout as per the prepunched parts is intentionally undersize, so you can adapt it to the actual installation.

With some miniature files and a dremel tool, this was not much of a problem.

Although there is no specified travel in the documentation, we decided to take note of the deflections for our reference. Also note that we initially installed the horns with the 2 holes on the trim tab as we were not sure wheter we could use the closest hole due to interference. it ended up ok, so we cut the horns to size. We plan on installing a trim speed governor anyway, as many builders report quite sensitive pitch trim at regular speed.

Pitch up trim is a maximum of 26.2°. The servo is actuated with a 9V battery for positioning. In the airplane it will be linked to the 12V onboard system of course.

The trailing edge aligns beautifully. We plan on making a fiberglass fairing for the trim tab pushrod.

Although we're not in urgent need of motivation as we are steadily and happily building, Friday we went out to fly together. Alex was PIC out of Lommis with a Robin and the plan was to visit Mickey Coggins in Neuchatel. We passed by Zürich Airport and did a low pass on RWY28 :-) On this pic turning final 28 you can see our living place.

A320 crossing the runway, an A321 approaching J on B...

The tower and terminal A.

And to the right terminal E. In the back an RJ1H just landed on RWY14.

And in the climbout 28 is our building place. In the airplane with 120KIAS this sequence happened in just about 1.5mins :-) And we're looking at 160KIAS minimum in the RV7A!

How will the RV grin look like?!

The panel form factor is actually quite similar to that of the RV. We hope ours will look different though :-)

Final RWY06 in LSGN. Mickey picked us up and we got to see his progress, most notably on the canopy.

Once back in the eastern part of Switzerland, we put in another building session.

Installing the eyeball bolts. Plastering the thread with Boelube made them a lot easier to turn in.

And things coming together! VS with the rudder.

A preliminary check with cardboard proved that the travel is just a bit more than 35°. There will be rudder stops at the fuselage that limit travel to the max of 35°. Also, paint may take away just a bit of travel, although probably by a negligible amount.

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