Closing the left wing / Flap installation

We closed the left wing as well. Quite some work again but not much different from the right wing, so we didn't take any pictures.
Installing the flap brace to the wing rear spar with MSP-42 blind rivets. For the 3 most inboard, a special kind of pop rivet is used. Make sure you countersink these 3 holes just a bit for the rivets to set properly.

We found that anytime pop-rivets are used, it's handy to have someone to grab onto the tool head. When the stem breaks off it's very easy to slip off and scratch the metal.

There are 2 ways to install the hinge pins in the flap piano hinge, either all from one side which involves drilling through the aileron attach bracket, or removing a bit from the hinge and installing 2 pins away from the center.

We decided to remove part of the hinge which allows better servicing and inspection later on.

Both wings in the stand. Next will be installing the wingtips.

Luci came out to help and we installed the flap on the left wing.

Again, the flap hinge installation appears to be a weak point in our opinion... Because the hinge is countersunk to fit the dimples and then only the shop heads of AN426AD3 rivets attaching it, even with over-length rivets we do not feel very comfortable. Maybe we will redo the hinge and support it with another strip of aluminum and the hinge in sandwich.


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