We finally redid the flap hinge. Forgot to take enough pictures. In the end we deburred, then dimpled the hinge with the tank dimple dies from Dominik, then riveted everything with AN426AD3-5 rivets. Turned out great and it will hold up :-)

To align the wingtips as nicely as possible, the aileron neutral position should be marked and set during install...

We had Dominik come over to have a look at the wingtips... The trailing edges don't align very well, neither are they completely level. Even though we worked quite carefully during install. Van's or whoever makes them, apparently takes them out of the mold way too early, so they get a chance to deform. We will end up having to cut the trailing edge and rebuild it. Ouch! Sounds like too much sanding for us, but I guess the end result will be worth it...

The leading edge fits much nicer, but even here some filler will be required.


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