Cabin Floor Access

Since we plan to install quite a few gimmicks, we have to be careful about the space available. As many builders have done, we also plan to install the strobe power supply and ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) below the baggage floor. This requires some modding to the floors. Also this has a potential benefit to move c.g. (Center of Gravity) just a bit aft... But the problem is, no RV-7A is like the other, so it's really hard to predict wheter we'll be nose- or tailheavy at this stage.

The units will be installed upside down, hanging from the access plate into the large bay between the longitudinal ribs on each side.

Drawing the cutout.

And then nibbling. The Access plates will be made from fresh 2024-T3 sheet aluminum and will attach with #8 countersunk screws.


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