Rudder Pedals

The rudder pedals look easy... But they are a ton of work!

...especially because we install the dual brake kit, so flying from the right seat would/will be possible.
The thick brake pedals were distorted by quite a bit, so we straightened them by force ;-) A clamp and a slightly curved chair did the trick.

Lots of separate parts. It's very important to correctly mark them so that they go together the way they were built up. Also the aluminum angle brackets require lots of grinding.

Deburring the pedals is another task. They come with some nasty edges and shears that have to be removed.

Drilling the brake pedal to the stiffener.

And all 4 rudder pedals assembled.

Then the bottom hole on the cylinder bracket side was enlarged to 3/16" so it could be bolted on. Using the eye as a level for the assembly to be horizontal, the opposite 3/16" hole can be drilled into the aluminum angle.

Before the brake cylinders can be drilled to the pedals, the weldments have to fit into their respective UHMW blocks. This is not as simple as it sounds, as both the recess in the block as well as the pipe are not 100% circular. Also the weldment is slightly oversize, making it hard to fit and ending up with too much friction. So both rudder pedal weldments as well as the flap actuator have to be filed and sanded just a bit. Too bad they couldn't make them fit from the factory...

This picture is misleading... Sanding is not fun!

Well it was worth the effort and everything fit. Clamped some wooden blocks to the workbench and laid the pedal assembly on top.

The pedals and master cylinders are temporarily installed to the weldments with some bolts.

And the bottom hole of the master cylinders drilled to the pedal bracket.

Take care to get a nice alignment. Left and Right pedals should meet about center between their crossbeams. The pedals should all have the same slight slant forward.

In a top down view, the pedal top just barely hides below the forward crossbeam.

Note that the UHMW block is not perfectly perpendicular to the rudder pedals as it fits the longeron in the fuse.


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