Fuselage / Autopilot pitch servo

Fabricated a mounting bracket for the GRT EFIS Magnetometer. To sense the heading without disturbance, the magnetometer has to be mounted as far away as practicable from ferrous metals, especially moving parts... There's really only 2 options, either in one of the wingtips or halfway between the baggage bulkhead and the empennage.

To get a better impression of where and how the steps fit: They're just aft of where the wing trailing edge eventually will be.

And the compulsory picture of the rivet heads, as these will be permanently covered by the baggage sidewalls.

Only the forward sidewalls are attached by nutplates, the aft are put in place with pop-rivets.

And the same on the right side.

Fitting the trutrak pitch servo mounting bracket.

The installation depicted in the manual is from the RV6, so don't be surprised if the bottom of the bracket touches the outside skin on the -7.

The selfmade magnetometer mounting bracket. The magnetometer will be mounted later on with nylon screws.

And the servo installation in the top-down view. Note the large diameter washers that keep the eyeball bearings on the bolt in case they should come apart.

Riveted the pedals. They will yet have to be painted.

Installed the aileron trim bracket and servo.

Note the forward screw on each side is only in temporarily for rigidity. In the end they will first pass through the seat floor, then the rib, the trim bracket and the nutplate. The aileron trim system works via the spring bias principle.

Final assembly of the seat backs. We will decide on our favourite position setup, once we get the seats in, scheduled to arrive with the finish kit Apr 9th.

Riveted the pitch servo bracket.

Designed our own safety travel stop for the servo... Not sure whether it will be required... Depends on how much travel the belcrank will have once everything is installed. The stop makes sure that in no case the servo can get near the dead center position and thereby lock the control system.

It is made simple and lightweight from stock square aluminum profile.

The intent is not to limit control system travel, this is achieved by rudder stops.

The linkage to the belcrank is pretty stiff and short but the trutrak installation manual suggests safety stops in every installation.

If it will be used, there's some more grinding to do and to tidy things up.

Unbelievable that trutrak can charge for something like this a thousand bucks...?! Probably not enough competition and volume in the market...


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