Vent screens / Crotch strap brackets

After the last primer session, some more parts can be installed. These are the crotch strap brackets which install between the seat ribs.

For the 5-point harness, the fifth strap will be attached with a pretty big AN5 bolt.

Also, the plans call for a screen to be installed on to the Fuel vent line openings. This is to protect the openings from insects etc... A blocked vent line could potentially be catastrophic as this can lead to a structural implosion of the tank. Since the tank is an integral part of the aerodynamic wing leading edge, you can guess the consequence... Finding a fine but tough screen wasn't that easy until Alex stumbled over some kitchen accessories in a supermarket. The screen is cut from a metallic tea filter.

It is then glued to the bulkhead fittings that have been prepared with a 45° cutoff using scotch-weld.

And the fitting installed in its final location.

Also looked at the control sticks and their assembly... Main question right now is how much can be just stuck together and what needs to be safetied / attached. Instructions are not clear on that, and it appears sticking the pax stick together will be just fine. Just inserting a bolt for comfort isn't a solution either, as it could interfere with the cabin floor cutout or get tangled somehow. This is not a question with the PIC stick, as it is not designed to be removable. There could be situations where removing the pax stick could come in handy, e.g. transporting some bulky cargo or whatever.


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