Canopy - Interior

Received the deluxe rudder pedals from the U.S. and final installed them. Piece of cake.

In anticipation of installing the engine mount for good, the lower camlock mount strips got riveted on.

Angle of the canopy open.

With a closeup of the gas spring assembly.

And the rear latch area.

At this position the gas springs are fully compressed and the canopy slams down from it's own weight... Thinking about installing some kind of damper. At the same time a little bit of sideway guidance could be given so the latch in the back always hits its position.

The same gas strut position, seen at the rear of the siderail.

Put on a second layer of sikaflex then sanded it to smoothen the "fairing".

The Sikaflex becomes matte and will have to be painted somehow for a nicer finish.

Overall the result is outstanding.

Revisiting the center console as this is going to be required and final installed very soon for the engine controls. Trying different setups, also floating between ideas of using fiberglass versus plain aluminum. A new requirement is to fit a touchpad into the center console for our panel mounted plane-pc *G* details to follow. Should be no problem.


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