Center Console

After a long time, continued on the center console. This time for good, as the control cables are among the first things to install with the engine.

Originally we had planned to go with a FADEC engine where no mixture would have been required. That's why we converted a dual lever quadrant to Throttle and Prop only. Now that we need a mixture, decided to keep it that way as it makes for a slim console and the mixture can be better fine-tuned with vernier in the subpanel anyway.

Got the touchpads in the mail. Looking good and slim, perfect fit for such a use.


Experimented some with the carrier beams. The idea is to have the whole center console/subpanel independent of the main panel, so that the main panel can be moved/removed separately. Also floor covers modified so they can be opened without having to remove the center console. The ideal slant was achieved by bending the main angles.

The idea is to have an armrest between the flap channel and the throttle quadrant. The throttle quadrant is mounted rigidly to the main spar bridge using already existing holes. Next is the Fuel Selector, whose position is tightly determined by the valve on the fuel pumpe package and the corresponding extension. Further functions that have to somehow fit into the center console: parking brake, mixture, oil cooler shutter, touchpad.

Wheter to do the center console with composites/fiberglass or aluminum wasn't decided for a long time. Glad I went with aluminum.

Starting to take shape.

Operating the touchpad while resting the hand on the fuel selector valve is pretty ergonomical considering the close quarters.

With the panel in place, good visibility from the pilot seat, even though its forward and below of the instrument panel.

Then I tried all kinds of mounting positions for the various push-pull cables. Here's how it ended up.

The armrest will be made out of a channel of aluminum that came with the QB fuse, stabilizing it for transport.

Looking a bit complicated with all the clecoes and yet without final trim. One bracket on each side of the center console. Left bottom = parking brake. Left top = oil cooler shutter, seldom use expected. Right = mixture control.

Received various parts i ordered for our custom map-pc build.

Notably an awesome 6.5" LCD display with driver boards from

Also, a 4GB solid state disk and another 4GB flash card. Harddrives wouldn't work in that harsh environment.

And just received a few pictures from Larry Vetterman, the RV exhaust guru who is building a custom exhaust for us. It's based on a 4into4, the only setup working with the ECI cold air induction as we found out, and a 4into1 collector, behind which we will mount a Liese muffler.

Looking beautiful!

It will be one of the first things to be mounted on the engine as it will affect control cable routing etc...


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