Landing Gear Fairings

Decided to do the landing gear fairings first, before restarting with the new baffling kit. All fiberglass parts come "trim to fit". also, we got the intersection fairings from so no actual molding is required.

Even this way, they are still a lot of work to fit and the process involves several steps.

Around some of the holes, fiberglass reinforcements have to be made on the inside, and metal parts like hinges and nutplates riveted to the fiberglass parts.

Fitting the intersection fairings with clecos for now. They will have to be epoxied to the wheel pants / surface finished yet.

Adjusting the upper intersection fairing to hold in place with few screws is not so simple.

The lower intersection fairings are split in two parts. Each will attach to either the forward or aft half of the wheelpant.


Extra care with placing the screw holes to attach the upper intersection fairing to the fuselage. The landing gear weldment covers much of the area on the inside and there will be a need to install a nutplate.

The rear hole on the upper intersection fairing is less of a problem as it lies nicely accessible inside the bottom fuselage.

Temporarily adjusted and clecoed the louvers to the bottom cowling.

They will most likely be bonded with scotchweld and secured by pop rivets.

Cowling finishing for paint still remains to be done, so waiting for final install of the louvers.


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