A very generic problem of the "modern day" RV-7(A) builders is the location of the panel support rib. It was originally placed around a traditional six-pack cluster of instruments. With modern day glass cockpit avionics locating the screens directly in front of the pilot becomes a priority. This involves in almost all cases a mod of the panel support rib, which is not structural but provides the distance and some rigidity to the panel itself.

The rib was cut, then the bottom reinforced with bent aluminum angle, and the top completely replaced with stock .063 aluminum angle, leaving enough space for the MapPC Display Unit to fit.

Finally, filled the gaps in the baffling with high-temp silicone.

Used almost a cartridge, we figured better a bit in excess than chasing leaks later...

There are many different possibilities for firewall pass throughs. We copied a design that can be bought through third party vendors, using fewer and cheaper parts. It consists of a modular furniture leg made from steel that we got at a DIY store. Cut off, sealed and bolted to the firewall from inside out. Had to form the firewall slightly to match the shape.

The nice thing is, no sharp edges and good longitudinal support for the major harness that will pass through. The harness will be wrapped in firesleeve and again sealed to the pass-through.

Cabin heat control cable installed.

12V Cigarette lighter adapter for whatever AUX equipment that might get used. And an aux audio out (passenger headset) used for recording audio on either a mp3 player or for the audio channel of a digital video camera.

Wiring firewall forward one after the other. This plug is used both for a trickle charger as well as a ground power supply that can deliver up to 20A. Fused via a car-type blade fuse directly to the battery. The yellow fuse holder is for the Vertical Power E-Bus/Hotbus wire.

Starting to route wires all over the place. Will be a challenge to tidy up.

Cabin vent ducts in place.

Adrian drafting some sketches of placards.

Mounts for both the AOA CPU and the ARINC429 box. FLARM collision avoidance system right beside mounted with strong velcro.

Had some highly appreciated help doing the various RG400 BNC etc... connectors from fellow Lancair homebuilders that made a visit to the workshop.

Looking messy. Cables are not yet very well organized plus everything firewall forward looks disorganized on pictures as it truly is 3D in that area.

The firewall pass-through is just about perfect in size.

Magneto ignition wire routing on the left side.

Did a temp test at home in the oven on various cable organizers and tie wraps.

Last week, we also delivered all the fiberglass parts, wings and empennage to the paintshop. They will get prepped and painted while we finish the fuselage.

Filled up the transporter less a small area.

Everything secured and ready for the road.

At the painters, we disassembled the ailerons from the wings as they will be painted separately.

The panel being painted.

Nice job by Alex. We had to cut the panel for a second time to reposition the Trutrak as it had interfered with the canopy at the previous position.

Starting to build up the panel and radio stack for the last time :-)

All EGT and CHT wires hooked up.

Still a few wires that are not yet hooked up, but firewall forward wiring is almost done.


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