Added some washers to the oil cooler mounts, there have been field reports of the aluminum tubes working their way into the flanges over time.

Finishing the canopy at this stage (top of the glareshield) is kind of a pain in the ass... In retrospect, this could have been done before gluing the plexi... Now it's almost impossible to reach some places.

Our main firewall passthrough for the wiring.

Ground power plug and backup power wiring with fuses...

The yellow fuse holder is for the vertical power "E-Bus" wire. The red/black fuse protects both the wire for the ground power plug to the battery as well as the backup switches (fuel boost and ignition) from the battery.

The engine probe wires are protected and stabilized by high-temp silicone hose cut into spiral.

Secured the P-Mag wire bundle with an adel clamp to the accessory bolt.

Baffling with the ignition wires in place.

Right side.

We didn't use enough sikaflex in the first go to create an even fillet in some places, so we're finishing it up with some rubber hose.

The glareshield cover will turn out nicely with the fluffly side of velcro.

Also, to stabilize the oil cooler mount and avoid cracks down the road we made this brace as have many other RV-Builders.

Wiring the control sticks.

Wiring is hard to document on pictures... Let's just say, we're making steady progress...

We don't have all the units quite yet. Our custom made MapPC display unit, the custom Flight Control Unit and the latest Advanced Flight Systems EFIS'es.

The main wiring bundle forward with the radio stack.

Wiring the ICOM 200 plug was a major pain... Tiny crimp pieces and a substandard install manual.

Was able to use a high end engraving machine at my employers. The placards look excellent / fit well below the switches.

After a long debate, decided to go for wingroot connectors for all the wiring. Will make assembly and out-of-sequence work much easier.

Some more details on the placards.

Aileron trim servo wired.


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