Wiring almost completed

Wiring is taking huge steps and is about to be done!

We got the wings and many small parts back from the painter and it looks awesome :-)

The beauty of the pearl/metallic will only start to shine under direct sunlight.

At the edge of both colors, there's a slight bump, that will have to be polished or something before the final silver trim strip will be taped over it.

Now the remaining parts to be painted are the fuselage, canopy, bottom cowl, rudder and vertical stabilizer as they are all part of the main paint scheme when looked at from the side.

The top cowl is already white.

Integrating the MapPC Diplay Unit. An initial software version will focus on the main functions, moving map and mp3 media player. But the possibilities are endless.

Great work by Adrian. Looks just like a professional/OEM product ;-)

Power on went without a glitch... The only initial issues were with the intercom/audio wiring. But after a bit of troubleshooting, they are now gone as well.

The VP200 does not yet get engine data over serial links, but all the electrical stuff works marvellous.

Hard to take a decent picture in the dark workshop.

The AFCU top center is a mockup for now until the final unit with all the electronics is done.

Close-up of the Kannad 406 ELT remote control panel.

The PTT button is wired in parallel to the copilot stick PTT. This allows the copi to work the radio wihtout interfering with the flight controls.

Fuel Boost and IGN R Backup switches. They provide an electrical path completely independent of the VP200 as well as a manual OFF to the fuel boost pump as well as the p-mag (which itself is internally powered above 900RPM).

The AOA panel and callsign plate. The plates are all engraved thin gravoply plastics. At work, we have an engraving machine so I was able to source them relatively cheaply plus did all the coding for the machine by myself. Probably not a very cost-effective way to do the labeling if this equipment is not easily available.

Engine start trigger button.

Each control stick has 4-way trim switches and PTT, CWS for the autopilot and an acknowledge button for the VP200

Now the MapPC is temporarily installed as well to test all the electrics. Great to see that power consumption is less than 3A! The special embedded pc pays off in this regard. However we're yet fighting a boot lock problem when all the usb devices are connected... Is now a support matter with advantech, let's see...

Flap switch.

Still waiting for the EFIS's. They should get delivered by the end of october after what felt like one-year and about 20 delays. Let's hope and see... Wiring is all in place, so theoretically this should be a plug&play operation.
Left is the CO Guardian CO detector. Carbon monoxide is a real threat as it doesn't smell and could enter the cockpit through the cabin heater, if there's a crack in the exhaust/heat exchanger or so.
In the center an old magnetic compass (legal requirement) with its deviation table... Haven't tried to compensate it yet ;-) At least it's not already spinning with all the electronics around...

Backup 2.25" UMA airspeed and single pointer altimeter. Another legal requirement.

Engraved plate for the throttle / prop levers

And the center console with the controls for alternate air, parking brake, mixture and the fuel selector (not yet final installed).
Also note the tiny USB keyboard and the touchpad in the center which are used as optional inputs to the MapPC.


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