Got a hangar spot!

Preparing the prop for mounting. Had to trim the spinner backplate and add the doubler. Primed with spray can primer.

Working on the engine control cables, prepared these firewall pass-throughs... $30 a piece, ouch.

The holes are over an inch in diameter and the firewall made of very tough stainless steel. Drilled many small holes and then filed the burrs smooth.

Thanks to Bernie's dad, the throttle bracket looks much nicer now :-)
He made this drawing and had it cut and bent professionally.

Ever more bits and pieces coming together.

Got a new helper, Mike is a fellow air traffic controller, working in the area control center. Mounted the prop which actually was a piece of cake. Made a custom wrench extension to be able to produce 90Nm of torque on the bolts.

Panel planning is heavily under way. Ordered an empty EFIS case from advanced. The critical point ended up being the efis case / top left corner, wheter it still fits into the panel and clears the tipup canopy reinforcement. Turns out, it will fit, tight but alright :-) At worst, a tiny bit of side deck will have to be modded. Not much space left over in our panel ;-)

To get a accurate fit and with some margin, simply screwed the faceplate to the back of the panel and held the case into position.

And the big news is that we have a hangar spot at Birrfeld, LSZF! Considering there are multi-year waiting lists and much more demand than availability we can feel quite lucky :-) It's a crane on a hangar ceiling, so we'll yet have to figure a way of attaching the RV-7A to the existing crane. Nothing impossible though.

The crane can be moved electrically in all 4 directions.

We have been on the waiting lists and moved up in the ranking since the beginning of our project. Add the relatively compact dimensions of the RV and the limited wingspan and low wing requirements, that make this spot perfect for us :-)

With a smart attachment system, we should be able to lift the RV-7A without moving any parked aircraft.

Having a ceiling spot is actually advantageous as it should minimize damages from other people moving around our plane.


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