2013 23 May

cookies first flight

Our 11 month old miniature poodle “Cookie” was treated to her first short flight. She couldn’t care less… It appears like driving to her, which she’s neither a big fan of nor she’s objecting to it… Fortunately, despite the motion and noises, she stays completely calm and also gladly wears the “Mutt Muffs” http://www.safeandsoundpets.com/index.html Never trying to get rid of them either…

Nina’s the greatest trainer anyway ;-) She had tried to get Cookie somewhat around the plane in the early days already, acquainted with the gonflable cabin and engine running etc… but even she was surprised at how easy and smoothly it went on the actual first flight. Obviously the character and general attitude of the dog plays a big role as well. We approached things carefully, taxiing for a while, then staying in the vicinity of the airport. Also, Nina expected the dog to be dead tired in the evening due to the new situation/experience. Turned out to be no different than a regular day at home or in the office.

For longer trips, we’ll have to figure out a better restraint/harness/resting setup, but the cabin space and on the passenger lap works out fine for now… Also, Cookie only weighing around 7 lbs/3.5 kg makes things a lot easier, not only for W&B.

By the way, if anyone told me a few years ago i’d be writing that story today, i’d probably have called them cazy… Being allergic and not particularly affected to pets ;-) But life is a great ride and has many nice surprises in store… Embrace them!

3 Responses to “Cookie’s First Flight”

  1. Walter Says:

    ich schau gelegentlich mal wieder auf Euerer Page vorbei. Das mit Euerem Pudel finde ich interessant. Ich habe mit meinem Hund auch schon versucht zu fliegen. Die Muffs halten exakt 3 Minuten! Interessant wird über FL100, wenn der Mensch schon Sauerstoff schnüffelt!
    Noch viele schöne Flüge wünsche ich!

  2. Walter Says:

    ich habe vor ca. 3-4 Wochen hier zu “Cookie” einen Kommentar veröffentlicht. Am folgenden Tag konnte ich ihn noch sehen, jetzt ist er gelöscht.
    Zensiert Ihr auf Euerer Homepage?

  3. Bernhard Daenzer Says:

    Nein, nein. Aber wegen spam eine automatische Freigabesperre, welche ev. Für den Verfasser selber nicht gilt… Vielen Dank für den Kommentar und Bilder vom ersten grösseren Trip von “Flughund” Cookie folgen bald ;-) Sind eben erst aus EDLW zurück.

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