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2021 22 Feb

HB-YMT is now more than 10 years in (successful) operation :-) Happy Birthday “Mikey”.

Been lots of formation flying recently.

Some impressions from last weekend:


2013 23 May

cookies first flight

Our 11 month old miniature poodle “Cookie” was treated to her first short flight. She couldn’t care less… It appears like driving to her, which she’s neither a big fan of nor she’s objecting to it… Fortunately, despite the motion and noises, she stays completely calm and also gladly wears the “Mutt Muffs” Never trying to get rid of them either…

Nina’s the greatest trainer anyway ;-) She had tried to get Cookie somewhat around the plane in the early days already, acquainted with the gonflable cabin and engine running etc… but even she was surprised at how easy and smoothly it went on the actual first flight. Obviously the character and general attitude of the dog plays a big role as well. We approached things carefully, taxiing for a while, then staying in the vicinity of the airport. Also, Nina expected the dog to be dead tired in the evening due to the new situation/experience. Turned out to be no different than a regular day at home or in the office.

For longer trips, we’ll have to figure out a better restraint/harness/resting setup, but the cabin space and on the passenger lap works out fine for now… Also, Cookie only weighing around 7 lbs/3.5 kg makes things a lot easier, not only for W&B.

By the way, if anyone told me a few years ago i’d be writing that story today, i’d probably have called them cazy… Being allergic and not particularly affected to pets ;-) But life is a great ride and has many nice surprises in store… Embrace them!

2012 26 Sep

chateau gonflable

2012 26 Sep

toboggan aquatique gonflable

2012 26 Sep

parcours obstacle gonflable

2012 29 Jan

Before too many questions get asked:

Enjoy the pics for what they are

Best wingman so far ;-)


jeux gonflables

2011 10 Oct

Landing and Handling Fees      
LSZA approach and aire de jeux gonflable landing charges 15   EUR*
LIBF landing, marshalling and fire brigade 20  EUR
LGKR swissport handling (IAOPA) 29.5  EUR
  HCAA departure tax (1 pax) 12  EUR
LGMG no fees, tech stop :-) EUR
  no HCAA departure tax as in transit EUR
LGML self handling   EUR
  no departure tax (2 crew) EUR
LGSR swissport handling (IAOPA) 26.2  EUR
  HCAA departure tax (1 pax) 12  EUR
LGRP swissport handling (IAOPA) 30  EUR
  HCAA departure tax (2 pax) 24  EUR
LGKP swissport handling (IAOPA) 27.8  EUR
  HCAA departure tax (1 pax) 12  EUR
LGST self handling   EUR
  no HCAA departure tax as in transit EUR
LGMG self handling   EUR
  no HCAA departure tax as in transit EUR
LGKR swissport handling (IAOPA) 29.5  EUR
  HCAA departure tax (1 pax non.EU dest) 22  EUR
LDDU 1 day parking, landing and handling 36.5  EUR
LDLO 1 day parking, landing and pax fee 43.1  EUR*
LOWK 2 day parking, landing and ATC fee 29.55  EUR
LSZF landing for homebased 7.1  EUR*
  international arrival for homebased 13.5  EUR*
* approximate conversion from local currency    
Total     389.75  EUR
2011 10 Oct
Fuel Statistics gal liters price per l    total cost
in tank before 29 110      
remaining tente gonflable in tank 10.7 41      
LSZF (net uplift) 18.3 69 2.17 150 EUR
LSZA 19.5 74 2.14 158 EUR
LIBF 24.0 91 3.01 274 EUR
LGKR 16.9 64 2.67 171 EUR
LGMG 14.3 54 2.44 132 EUR
LGRP 23.8 90 2.52 227 EUR
LGST 16.6 63 2.68 169 EUR
LGMG 15.6 59 2.44 144 EUR
LDDU 25.9 98 2.18 214 EUR
LOWK 15.9 60 2.43 146 EUR
TOTALS 190.8 722   1785 EUR
Fuel economy: 17.1  stat. mpg 13.7   l/100km  
Average FF: 9.6   gph      
2011 10 Oct
Leg Distance flown True Flight Time  Block Time
LSZF-LSZA 101.5 00:42 00:50
LSZA-LIBF 424 02:46 02:57
LIBF-LGKR 244.4 01:40 01:49
LGKR-LGMG 199 01:26 01:36
LGMG-LGML 135.6 01:00 01:13
LGML-LGSR 71.3 00:35 00:39
LGSR-LGRP 142 00:57 01:04
LGRP-LGRP 99.3 00:44 00:48
LGRP-LGKP 71.3 00:33 00:37
LGKP-LGST 58.7 00:30 00:42
LGST-LGMG 221.2 01:38 01:55
LGMG-LGKR 198.4 01:20 01:30
LGKR-parc aquatique gonflable LDDU 197.5 01:20 01:23
LDDU-LDLO 217.4 01:33 01:35
LDLO-LOWK 180 01:15 01:21
LOWK-LSZF 279.4 01:52 02:00
TOTALS 2841 19:51 21:59
Average speed (including Takeoffs and Landings!):  144 kts  
2011 10 Oct

Since the weather forecast was stable and also quite nice, we decided to extend our stay at Klagenfurt by another day :-) On Sunday, when we were going to leave, the forecast had a deteriorating trend however… So we chose to depart just after checking out of the hotel around noon. Weather held up nicely and only late in the evening, the cold front approached from the vente parc gonflable west. Got to say hello to my buddies from work on the way home, crossing through the LSZH TMA, high above our apartment, in a continous descent towards Birrfeld.

What an awesome trip. And a great performance by the plane, solid numbers at even the edges of the weight and balance envelope and no technical issues to write home about :-)

Planned Distance: 271.2 NM
Actually Flown Distance (TO to LDG): 279.4 NM
Top Ground Speed: 180.2 kts
Average Ground Speed: 140 kts
True Flight Time: 01:52
Block Time: 02:00