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2011 29 Aug

Sunday morning, we left Birrfeld on a short flight to Lugano, a short (and efficient) tech stop to fill the tanks with (relatively speaking) cheap AVGAS in Switzerland and comply with the required customs bureaucracy/regulations.

Planned Distance: 101.8 NM
Actually Flown Distance (TO to LDG): 101.5 NM
Top Ground Speed: 182 kts
Average Ground Speed: 145.5 kts
True Flight Time: 00:42
Block Time: 00:50

2011 19 Jun

The second trip in as many weekends (I know we’re spoilt…) took us to the south of France. Unfortunately, though, the weather was pretty crappy all weekend and the poor reliability of weather forecasts beyond 3hrs was demonstrated in nice details… Anyway, we made the best of it :-)

2011 19 Jun

Took advantage of a few days off during end of May for the first extended trip with the RV. In short, the perfect airplane for travel. Managed all kinds of interesting weather, complicated airspaces and customs paperwork. The RV was always reliable and dependable.

First, visited the guys behind the moving-map software we use in the plane: at Lelystad, Netherlands.
Then flew to Düsseldorf (EDDL) to pick up the girlfriend flying in on Airline as she had to work until Thursday before the weekend.

Bad weather had us change our plans and we decided to fly to Hamburg instead. Visited the awesome “Miniatur Wunderland”, a large model railroad world with all kinds of technological and modelling attractions.
They recently completed a model version of the Hamburg Airport, some videos can be seen on youtube:  “Tagebuch” Episodes highly recommended.

After a spontaneous and surprise visit with friends we flew to Damme (EDWC), which hosts an annual European RV Flyin. Due to the weather, turnout was nothing to write home about, still met some interesting people and could talk “RV” for a few hours :-)

On Saturday night, we flew to Bonn Hangelar. Staying and visiting with friends. Had an awesome non-RV time. After the F1 race on Sunday, took our host for a local ride, then we headed back home. Stopping at Mannheim City for customs reasons. Highly recommended airport for this purpose.