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2010 7 Aug

This is the first set of promised pictures and videos. There will be more coming.
Photos by: Markus & Christian Keller, Richard Bätscher, Michi Wellenzohn. Thanks guys.

2010 4 Aug

We’re proud to announce that our RV-7A succesfully flew its maiden and second flight today at Birrfeld (LSZF) airfield in Switzerland.
The awesome event was captured by several cameras, so expect an update soon, featuring pictures and video.

The feeling is beyond description and so worth every minute it took to get there!
Both flights went perfect, with the landings being nice and maingear first but flying can still be improved by a little earlier rotation and more flare at touchdown.

First flight was flown by Bernie, followed by cowl removal / inspection and a second flight with building partner Alex as “flight test engineer” ;-)

The only squawks were a seeping oil cooler fitting (which didn’t show up during various ground runs and only lost a few drops of oil overall) and an aileron trim that went to max right once, which we suspect could be related to control stick wiring.

check back for an update in the following days. will post pictures and videos as soon as they’re gathered and ready.

rgds from RV-grinning
Alex & Bernie

UPDATE: Here’s a teaser image with the famous RV-grin immediately after the first flight with Bernie and Alex cheering. Bear with us for just a little longer until we get all the great pictures and videos collected and processed.

Picture by RV-10 builder Michael Wellenzohn