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2010 13 Oct

Approaching 30hrs!

Weather has been up and down recently, but we did get to fly during some awesome  days.

Did the first oil change at 25hrs, not a problem.

Unfortunately, we did miss chapter D noise certification by about 1dB. We will certainly give it another try for chapter D next spring, but first we have to do proper analysis about where and how we can improve. So for now, we’re in chapter C, which essentially means slightly higher landing fees but other than that no major impact.

2010 12 Sep

Yesterday, we took part in the Noise Measurement at Grenchen (LSZG). Luckily, we have been progressing smoothly through the flight test phase, so we were ready for this already. There are only two events each year, one in spring and one during fall. The noise measurement is a mandatory requirement before eventually being able to get an unrestricted flight permit and being able to travel throughout Europe. The results aren’t out yet, though. Will be very interesting to see and also hoping for the quietest category D, in order to burden lower landing fees.
Also, if we miss significantly, this might mean having to reengineer the whole exhaust/muffler issue or even change props. But let’s hope this remains a worst case scenario.

Also, some great pictures from a few recent flights.