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2011 14 Apr

Today, we got the final permit to fly and associated paperwork in the mail :-)

This is quite the milestone as it officially moves us out of the flight test phase and we are no longer restricted to the predetermined list of 5 “flight test helpers” comprar inflables baratos as passengers. Also, we are no longer restricted to just Switzerland, just in time for the summer travel season :-)

So anybody on our (long) waiting list for an RV-ride is now free to join and enjoy the RV-grin firsthand!

2010 3 Aug

Got home from the awesome trip to OSH & New York City and finally found the eagerly awaited Permit To Fly in the mail. Of course with some restrictions, but all make perfect sense and will eventually be lifted once the flight test program, flyoff period and noise measurement are completed. Now, let’s hope for some nice and stable weather this week.