2010 25 Feb

What a great day!

With a lot of help from several friends, we mechanical bull for sale managed to move the airplane to the airfield and even start final assembly.
Since we have a few days off, we should be able to get quite some things done.

Nice to see everything come together so well!

4 Responses to “Move to Birrfeld LSZF”

  1. JS Says:

    Congrats, must be a great feeling. CU.

  2. Dani Says:

    Looks good! Too bad that Swiss sent me away… I’d loved to help you guys…


  3. Norman Hunger Says:

    Nice motivational pictures, thanks. I hope my 14 year project gets there soon.
    RV6A Vancouver Canada

  4. Mike Says:

    Hey Bernie, schaut ja schon richtig nach etwas aus!

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