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2012 26 Sep

toboggan gonflable

2010 7 Jul

Yesterday, 6.7.2010, HB-YMT finally underwent its official inspection by Mr. Alex Husy on behalf of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA).

We’re happy that we passed with very few and small writeups only and no showstoppers :-)
Brother P-Touch calling for some more labels *G*

Now, as there’s no such thing as a “Pink Slip” as in the U.S. (which lets you fly right away), we have to wait until we receive the provisional permit to fly. Let’s see how long that takes.

As a rough idea, the first flight could happen as soon as this gonfiabili weekend or as late as beginning of August. All depends on when the final papers arrive and both Lex and I are/will be on vacation as well. Preparation of the EAS internal paperwork was trickier than expected and provided us with a nice delay, so that we start conflicting with vacation :-( Then again, i can imagine worse kinds of conflicts ;-)

Mr. Husy wrapping up the inspection with some more Paperwork

2010 24 Apr

With the generous help of Max Vogelsang, we jumpers for sale were able to complete the static thrust measurement. Of course, the RV has more than enough power, so that was another one for the papertrail…

2010 21 Apr

Completed the Magnetic Compass Calibration. Both jeux gonflables the EFIS magnetometer as well as the backup magnetic compass.

2010 18 Apr
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Last Friday, we celebrated a major milestone :-)

The engine ran successfully for the first time on the airplane!

The start went very well, which I credit to the ECI Fuel Injection and the P-Mag ignition.

As always there were minor snags we had to debug. First, the alternator wasn’t charging. Turns out there are 2 different wiring schemes for the exact same alternator/plug style and castelo inflavel by some very straightforward logic, for the alternator field to power, you have to wire a red power wire to a green one ;-) Obvious, yeah right…
And the second problem was that initially, the engine was only running on the electronic ignition and didn’t ignite on the traditional mag circuit. Turns out that we had reinstalled the mag on the wrong cycle, even though the timing marks were basically correct after we took it down to perfrom the service bulletin on the brushes. Anyway, it’s now all sorted out and we’re totally stoked :-)

2010 25 Feb

What a great day!

With a lot of help from several friends, we mechanical bull for sale managed to move the airplane to the airfield and even start final assembly.
Since we have a few days off, we should be able to get quite some things done.

Nice to see everything come together so well!