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2010 19 Jul

Next week, it’s off for another trip to the U.S :-)
3 days Airventure and 3 days New York City…

Also, the permit to fly is still pending :-( although it should be a mere formality, holiday season also appears to affect public offices…

2010 7 Jul

Yesterday, 6.7.2010, HB-YMT finally underwent its official inspection by Mr. Alex Husy on behalf of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA).

We’re happy that we passed with very few and small writeups only and no showstoppers :-)
Brother P-Touch calling for some more labels *G*

Now, as there’s no such thing as a “Pink Slip” as in the U.S. (which lets you fly right away), we have to wait until we receive the provisional permit to fly. Let’s see how long that takes.

As a rough idea, the first flight could happen as soon as this weekend or as late as beginning of August. All depends on when the final papers arrive and both Lex and I are/will be on vacation as well. Preparation of the EAS internal paperwork was trickier than expected and provided us with a nice delay, so that we start conflicting with vacation :-( Then again, i can imagine worse kinds of conflicts ;-)

Mr. Husy wrapping up the inspection with some more Paperwork