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2010 22 Nov

Went to Langenthal (LSPL) to have castillos inflables the prop dynamically balanced. With the help of G. Staude (AIRLA Maintenance) we got the engine/prop from a fari 0.25ips to around 0.01-0.04 ips :-)

2010 7 Jul

Yesterday, 6.7.2010, HB-YMT finally underwent its official inspection by Mr. Alex Husy on behalf of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA).

We’re happy that we passed with very few and small writeups only and no showstoppers :-)
Brother P-Touch calling for some more labels *G*

Now, as there’s no such thing as a “Pink Slip” as in the U.S. (which lets you fly right away), we have to wait until we receive the provisional permit to fly. Let’s see how long that takes.

As a rough idea, the first flight could happen as soon as this gonfiabili weekend or as late as beginning of August. All depends on when the final papers arrive and both Lex and I are/will be on vacation as well. Preparation of the EAS internal paperwork was trickier than expected and provided us with a nice delay, so that we start conflicting with vacation :-( Then again, i can imagine worse kinds of conflicts ;-)

Mr. Husy wrapping up the inspection with some more Paperwork

2010 1 Jun

Since i’m getting a lot of questions ;-)

First flight is not far out! We just passed the EAS (Experimental Aviation Switzerland) internal inspection last Friday with very few (mostly paperwork) details to clean up, so the FOCA final inspection won’t be far along.

Everything slipped a bit due to a great vacation in eastyl Florida and the Carribean ;-) But we should be able to fly before Oshkosh time is coming around.

Keep checking back.

2010 24 Apr

Also, again using the guidance, help and advice from Max, we were able to complete the weight and balance measurement. This was actually an interesting one, as we had not really weighed the airplane before. The result wasn’t much of a surprise and neither a disappointment, just a tiny bit heavy at 1166lbs. (529kg). Considering the airplane is fully finished with paint and interior,  just about as much electronics as we could fit and a relatively heavy constant speed prop/engine, this isn’t that bad. We certainly knew that we were going to be above 1100lbs. Still, because the RV has such a nice envelope and payload, this still leaves ample room for us medium weight europeans ;-) Now east jump we just have to stay in shape *LOL*

This HB-YMT Mass and Balance.xls lets you play with some figures. It also checks the limit nosegear load as per Van’s and the Aerobatic limits. Feel free to reuse, many thanks to Carl Morgan (RV-7A, new zealand) for the excellent template!

2010 24 Apr

With the generous help of Max Vogelsang, we were able to complete the static thrust measurement. Of course, the RV has more than enough power, so that was another one for the papertrail…

2010 25 Feb

What a great day!

With a lot of help from several friends, we managed to move the airplane to the airfield and even start final assembly.
Since we have a few days off, we should be able to get quite some things done.

Nice to see everything come together so well!

2010 23 Feb

The move to the airfield is coming up. Thursday, Feb 25, 2010. 5 years, one month in the making.
The airplane is really taking shape now.

2010 1 Feb

On February 1st, we went to the paintshop, to appy our paint scheme to the already prepped fuselage. Even though that looks simple, it took us several hours to get a good result. It’s definitely much easier doing it on the computer vs applying it in real life. Anyway, it’s done and the painters are working on it. Not before long we should be ready to move to the airport.

Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of the complete side view when we were done.