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2011 6 Jan

Finally, the weather cleared up after a lenghty phase of more or less unflyable weather. And when it was VMC, i was sure to work… Anyway, this 2 hour flight paid for all the idling last month… After some cruise performance tests, a short recon of Arosa (where we’ll go on a short snowboard break) i had castillo hinchable planned to fly back to Birrfeld… Upon crossing the CTR of Altenrhein (LSZR), by pure coincidence, Chrigi Keller was taking off with their RV-6A HB-YKD… Had plenty of fuel, so let’s go for some pictures ;-) Unfortunately i was by myself and had left the camera at home.  Thanks to Chrigi for once again some awesome pictures of YMT in the air. That makes him the unchallenged leader in YMT air to air photography ;-)