2010 20 Mar

Beginning of March, winter really came back… So for the first two weeks, there hasn’t been much progress at all, safe for a few hours freezing in front or even inside the hangar. However, spent lots of time on paperwork.

2010 12 Mar

Picture for use in the Advanced Flight Systems EFIS

We are currently configuring the complete avionics package besides the other finishing work.

Some stuff like a custom Mass&Balance pic or the % horsepower graphs are a tiny bit more work than just the setup menus.

So to share a bit, here’s our Mass & Balance “AIRCRAFT.AFB” file and a % Power chart courtesy of John Goldsmith for an IO-360-M1B and similar engine.

AIRCRAFT.ZIP (contains the .AFB file)
IO-360 M1B performance data.xls

2010 28 Feb

After a 3-day intensive assembly session with lots of help from friends, the airplane is almost completely together & wired. Less than a few interior access plates, covers, seats and little wiring details.

Next up is configuring the EFIS, calibrating and validating the fuel tank indications.
Other tests like fuel flow measurements, running the engine for the first time and things like that are also awaiting.

We also hung the airplane to the hangar crane platform for the first time.
As expected, the platform didn’t break :-)
We initially had some lateral stability issues, but a few straps from the steps to the top center now keeps it from tipping sideways.
Thanks a lot to Markus for the awesome engineering.

2010 25 Feb

What a great day!

With a lot of help from several friends, we managed to move the airplane to the airfield and even start final assembly.
Since we have a few days off, we should be able to get quite some things done.

Nice to see everything come together so well!

2010 23 Feb

The move to the airfield is coming up. Thursday, Feb 25, 2010. 5 years, one month in the making.
The airplane is really taking shape now.

2010 7 Feb

Last saturday, Markus came to Birrfeld to install the finished hangar crane mount.

http://www.flyvans.com/subproj/hangarkran.html for some more information regarding the project.

It’s almost ready to take on the plane once it’s assembled. Only minor rigging and adapting will be required.

2010 1 Feb

On February 1st, we went to the paintshop, to appy our paint scheme to the already prepped fuselage. Even though that looks simple, it took us several hours to get a good result. It’s definitely much easier doing it on the computer vs applying it in real life. Anyway, it’s done and the painters are working on it. Not before long we should be ready to move to the airport.

Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of the complete side view when we were done.